Two Create Studio Stay Sixty Refillable Drinks Bottle
Stay Sixty Refillable Drinks Bottle is Platinum Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Award Category.
Stay Sixty Refillable Drinks Bottle

By refilling a Stay Sixty bottle you help rid the planet of wasteful and energy consuming plastic bottles. The double-walled design keeps drinks fresh. Fill with water, smoothies, protein drinks, coffee or tea. The unique removable base aids cleaning and filling. Easily fill with ice cubes, fruit, powder drinks or smoothies. The Stay Sixty bottle with removable base is easy to keep clean and hygienic. Other bottles on the market without this feature become a breeding ground for bacteria and need to be replaced. Your body should stay 60% hydrated, let's keep it that way.

Stay Sixty Refillable Drinks Bottle
Two Create Studio Stay Sixty
Two Create Studio Refillable Drinks Bottle
Two Create Studio design
Two Create Studio design
Two Create Studio

The founders of Two Create have a unique partnership backed up by a strong and dedicated team. Lucy and Tobie Snowdowne met at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art & Design in London. They formed Two Create in 2002, before going on to design products and furniture for some of Europe’s most successful brands. The couple went on to win multiple awards, exhibit internationally and have products featured in the permanent collection at London’s V&A Museum. The transition towards brand came via a commission from the luxury fashion house, Givenchy. At this point the couple formed a strong, multi-talented team, which went on to re-design the UK’s best selling beauty brand, develop barware and serving rituals for the world’s most premium vodka, revamp Australia’s most loved cooking sauces and much, much more. Lucy, Tobie and their team now have over a decade of experience designing identities, packaging and products for some of the worlds leading international beauty, alcohol and lifestyle brands. Two Create build brands with a single vision, across multiple platforms and disciplines. Two Create become immersed in the narrative that accompanies a brand, taking rich inspiration from the heritage and stories associated with it. They retell those stories through the typographic treatment of a logotype, in the physical detailing of an object or in the disrobing experience of a package. Two Create design brands, products and packaging, perfectly attuned to a strategy and precisely to the brief. They demonstrate attention to the smallest detail, but never loose sight of the bigger picture. Two Create work with small scale start ups to global corporations.

Stay Sixty

Stay Sixty was founded by two brothers, Kirpal and Raj. The brands primary challenge was to promote hydration after Kirpal was diagnosed with servere dehydration when attending a routine blood test. Whilst learning about the health implications of dehydration he became aware of the amount of plastic bottles he was consuming and the alarming satistics of consumption worldwide. This is when the idea of Stay Sixty was born. It’s mission is to help rid the world of energy consuming single-use plastic bottles and get the nation drinking more water through the design of a truely sustainable, refillable and stylish drinks bottle. Stay Sixty was launched in December 2017, the bottles retail in the UK at £29.95, they are sold directly online and through leading retailers and are currently available in 3 shades. They are targeted at a generation of conscious individuals, committed to their values when making purchasing decisions.