Sio Hoi Che Kin Ju Japanese Restaurant
Kin Ju Japanese Restaurant is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Kin Ju Japanese Restaurant

Great attention is given to the styles, colors, and small details. The design has focused on providing a dining experience for the customer who visited. A golden leaf tree is planted in a Japanese style garden revealed the name of the restaurant, Kin Ju - Golden tree. An open sashimi and drinking bar is located in the middle of the restaurant, aimed to provide a convenient working environment for maximum productivity and also enhance the sense of spacing. Through the combination of modern elements and traditional colors, the design represented the exclusive theme of this restaurant.

Kin Ju Japanese Restaurant
Sio Hoi Che Kin Ju
Sio Hoi Che Japanese Restaurant
Sio Hoi Che design
Sio Hoi Che design
KinJu Japanese Restaurant

With gorgeous decoration, KinJu Japanese Restaurant has sushi bar, comfortable seats, teppanyaki room, and three VIP rooms. The restaurant with a capacity of 70 seats is an ideal choice for different types of dinning. With selected ingredients and material from Japan and all over the world, our two famous Japanese chefs Nakamura Hirofumi and Miyakawa Yoshihisa will always be ready to present authentic and delicate Japanese dishes to the guests.