BUZAO & BENTU Buzao Qie Pendant light
Buzao Qie Pendant light is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Buzao Qie Pendant light

A simple and clear integrated design of pendant light made from concrete. One version of the Qie pendant light uses a metallic end, makes the contradiction of colors and textures between volcanic rock and metallic surface is fascinating. Insulating concrete makes it safe from occurrence of electric shock and the concrete itself is so durable that you might not have to get a new one at anytime.

Buzao Qie Pendant light
BUZAO & BENTU Pendant light
BUZAO & BENTU design
BUZAO & BENTU design

Bentu is an independent design brand founded in 2011. We're engaged in product design and innovation, combining design with manufacture. We're an experimental, explorative, and cross-over team. Based on our design, we make products that meet our daily need. Through a series of experiments and exploration, we make each material return to its nature by revealing its original texture.

Guangzhou Bentu Culture and Development Co Ltd

Bentu is an independent design brand founded in 2011, engaged in innovative designing and combined designing with manufacturing. They're actually an exploration team and also a laboratory. they made products on their own to satisfy their necessary or extemporaneous needs, step by step from initial designing to final polishing. Through a series of experiments and exploration, they found the primeval feature of materials amazingly beautiful by revealing the original texture and temperament. What hides behind their attempt is their equal care for all - all the raw materials, techniques and cultures that make up things. There is no disparity between nobleness and lowliness, costliness and cheapness, neither treasures and trashes. Devoting ourselves into design could make the mud as priceless as the diamond. Even a straw or a handful of mud would shine when they find their uses. There is not the best but only the fittest thing for any purpose. they cherish everything they asked from the world. Bentu focuses on the R&D, design, production and sales and promotion of products which varies from lighting, home furnishing, outdoor furniture, wall decors and so on. None of these is below of international standard. Most of their products are already certified to CCC、CE, ROHS2.0, SAA, C-TICK, FCC and IC. they have their own IPR and own more than 200 patents.