Edmundas Jankauskas Lifi Active Ecological Packaging
Lifi Active Ecological Packaging is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Award Category.
Lifi Active Ecological Packaging

LIFI is an active ecological packaging with herb seeds. The package itself is made out of processed fallen tree leaves, collected in the forests of Lithuania. The hand made package is filled with seeds and a cover is formed. When a user opens and waters the product, packaging starts to dissolve and helps the plant to grow. This product is an alternative to the in-store found herbs, which are often plastic packaged. It can be reused many times or just thrown away. A graphic representation of herb is used on the labels combined with the hand written fonts to create a personalized feeling.

Lifi Active Ecological Packaging
Edmundas Jankauskas Lifi
Edmundas Jankauskas Active Ecological Packaging
Edmundas Jankauskas design
Edmundas Jankauskas design
Edmundas Jankauskas

Edmundas Jankauskas is a young and perspective designer from Lithuania. After finished studies in Vilnius College of Design, Edmundas now continues his education in Vilnius Academy of Arts and intents to enroll in a Master's degree. His approach to design is that it should be as meaningfull and effective as it can, also aesthetic, functional and lightweight. Every element of the project should be finished up to the very last milimeter or pixel. Edmundas' main work area is packaging and editorial design. He is also interested in interactive web design, has some expertise in web coding solutions, works on some national level web projects (like PHP-Fusion Lithuania National Support Site), helps organizing web developer events, like Hackathon - Lithuania Developer Days and other.


LIFI was first created and developed by packaging designer Edmundas Jankauskas during his Visual Communication Design master's degree studies (2016-2017) in Vilnius Academy of Arts (project supervisor assoc. prof. Robertas Jucaitis). The idea for the project came out of theoretical analysis of the impact of culture on visual and functional abilities of packaging. By analysing historical changes in the packaging design, one can see that both society and packaging are eligible in making impact on each other with the purpose of solving most difficult economical, environmental and social problems. One of the biggest problems of today's modern consumerist economies is high rate of food loss. We loose almost a third the food we produce and at the same time we have around 1 billion starving people. If we could eliminate food loss (in farms, production sites, shopping centers and homes), with the same amount of food we could end starvation for the first time in history of humanity. LIFI offers users option to grow their own vegetables and spices at home, thus partly eliminating the need to buy plastic-packaged food. By using the packaging, made of 100% reneweable materials (fallen tree leafs) we sell numerous different herbs and spices that you can easily grow in your kitchen. We use active packaging, so when watered it starts to degrade internally and release minerals needed for the plant to grow. We hope that by giving people easy and practical solution to grow food, we also educate them and spread the word of efficiency and ecological way of living.