István Dávid Interconnection Projection Mapping
Interconnection Projection Mapping is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Interconnection Projection Mapping

According to the creators, the projection mapping shows the interconnectedness of all things from micro to macro as well as the outer and the inner universe. Conjuring emotions and feelings, the amazing display of color, light and sound aims to reopen the dialogue between the internal and the external, through a cinematic journey from the state of separation to the state of eternal openness. It also incorporates the building itself as part of the spectacle, animating parts of it in a dizzying vortex of motion that plays with the viewer’s senses.

Interconnection Projection Mapping
István Dávid Interconnection
István Dávid Projection Mapping
István Dávid design
István Dávid design
Limelight Ltd.

Limelight is a group of artists creating 3D projection mapping artworks and light installations for more than a decade all around the world. Some members of the team were already there when video projection mapping was born and since then they just keep on developing light art concepts and projection mapping ideas that can make thousands of people smile and enjoy their artworks in light festivals and corporate events worldwide.