Yi Xuan Lee Anemone Sofa
Anemone Sofa is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Anemone Sofa

In this project, what I mainly focus on is the visual tension. What I want to do is think outside the box of a sofa, and made a strong visual impact by combining two very contrast things, the shape of traditional sofa and the pompous figure of anemone.Under the sea, the anemone is the protector of the fish, but when we enlarged the scale it let people felt afraid and have the meaning of defense. The characteristic of the PU tube made a contrast between the feeling you sitting on it and the visual impression. The couch coat the user gently and softly just like the anemone protect the fish.

Anemone Sofa
Yi Xuan Lee Anemone
Yi Xuan Lee Sofa
Yi Xuan Lee design
Yi Xuan Lee design
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