Maciej Nisztuk Phenotype 002 Bracelet
Phenotype 002 Bracelet is Platinum Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Generative, Algorithmic and Parametric Design Award Category.
Phenotype 002 Bracelet

The form of Phenotype 002 bracelet is the result of digital simulation of biological growth. The algorithm used in the creative process allows imitating the behavior of biological structure creating unusual organic shapes, achieving unobtrusive beauty thanks to optimal structure and material honesty. The prototype is materialized using 3D printing technology. In the final stage, the jewelry piece is hand-cast in brass, polished and finished with attention to detail.

Phenotype 002 Bracelet
Maciej Nisztuk Phenotype 002
Maciej Nisztuk Bracelet
Maciej Nisztuk design
Maciej Nisztuk design
Maciej Nisztuk

The architect and designer combining various visual media and technologies in an unexpected and unconventional manner for many years. He was always inspired by biology and its spatial forms - their primal beauty and formal, minimalist clarity became an unattainable ideal. With many years of experience in generative design and digital fabrication, he materialised that fascination in the form of In Silico jewellery. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Wroclaw University of Technology, also studied at the Faculty of Industrial Design of Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts. His work has been recognised at numerous design and architectural competitions. He acquired professional experience in various design studios across Europe. He is currently a PhD staff member at Faculty of Architecture of the Wroclaw University of Technology, where he experiment with new technologies in the design process.

In Silico

Custom made computational jewelry brand The studio creates unique bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings by designing modern, distinctive yet delicate and elegant products. Combining generative design, digital fabrication and craftsmanship, the studio creates jewelry inspired by biological structures and physical processes occurring in micro and macro scale. The authors observe the perfect simplicity of nature and adapt its unique forms. The studio work with precious and natural materials caring about the smallest detail and perfection of every product.