DAVID TSUTSKIRIDZE GAGUA CLINIC - Maternity Hospital Healthcare, Women's Hospital
GAGUA CLINIC - Maternity Hospital Healthcare, Women's Hospital is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
GAGUA CLINIC - Maternity Hospital Healthcare, Women's Hospital

The project presents completely new building with new vision and innovative conception. Building's architecture, interior and also furniture design was created by author's own design. Main purpose of architecture and also design concept is concrete and colors as architectural detail, also as main component part of design. Green and yellow's gradation as symbols of productivity and new life, implied by building's functional purpose, they became main line of design. Concrete isn't only located on the exterior, but also in interior.

GAGUA CLINIC - Maternity Hospital Healthcare, Women's Hospital
DAVID TSUTSKIRIDZE Healthcare, Women's Hospital

Architectural solutions are based on the careful analysis of a modern society progress, a dynamics of economic changes and an international experience, using the latest design and construction technologies. While designing we, Architectural bureau TSUTSKIRIDZE+ARCHITECTS, strive for rational decisions, a flexibility of a planning structure, for a maximum interaction between object and environment. We aim to create high-quality visual solutions that contribute to a building’s viability in the future. We believe the creation of a design solution is not a solitary stroke of genius: but the result of a process that involves early ideas being tested, discussed, drawn and modeled, then re-considered and re-developed, to create a unique project that suits our clients’ brief and location. Founder / Principal: David Tsutskiridze, Architect, Intl.Assoc. AIA | IIDA, author of more major architectural award-winning projects.


Architectural bureau TSUTSKIRIDZE+ARCHITECTS is a design practice with experience in projects ranging from small scale objects to urban design. At our bureau, we try to push boundaries of design by challenging each project with right questions and series of experiments. Our ambition is to envision spaces which not only generate excitement and operate well on their locale, but also contribute to the broader scale. We believe that successful design is site specific, that clues extracted from given context can lead to solutions with unique architectural experiences. We value input from professionals in every relevant discipline - from structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, cost consultants and experts from various specialized fields to clients and regular users on every level of the design process. We believe that with such collaborative approach the best outcome is achieved. PRINCIPAL David Tsutskiridze - Architect, Intl.Assoc.AIA studied architecture at Tbilisi State Academy of Art (MArch). Since 2005 he worked independent architect in Georgia. In 2013 he became Intl.Assoc. of AIA - American Institute of Architects