Valeria Romanova Atlos Folding Bicycle
Atlos Folding Bicycle is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Atlos Folding Bicycle

Atlos - is an engineering experiment, rethinking of a bicycle components and achieving a new way of storing and transporting. The final object is a bicycle frame in a form of a parallelogram, which is very compact when folded. The frame has four holes through which passes a seat post and a fork, thereby locking the frame in a specific position, thereby creating a strong construction. Thus, the build process of this bicycle is a very simple operation that can be done by anyone. Assembly process of this bicycle is 10 to 15 minutes and requires only the two most common tools.

Atlos Folding Bicycle
Valeria Romanova Atlos
Valeria Romanova Folding Bicycle
Valeria Romanova design
Valeria Romanova design
Valeria Romanova

Graduated from the British Higher school of Design (Russia/ Moscow) under the program "Industrial design" in 2016. During the studies she developed projects for: SEAT, HTC, Oltri (official representative of Philips AVENT), worked in the interior design Studio "Enjoy home". In the design Valeria appreciates minimalism and focuses all attention on the interaction of the user with the object. She is passionate about learning new things, ready to work in any field and get an unexpected result.


Rethinking the components of the well-known and familiar allows to achieve a new way of interaction between the user and the product. Atlos - is an engineering experiment, a new look at one of the oldest types of transport - bicycle, that allows you to look at a new way of storage and transportation.