Sonja Iglic Blooming Folding Eyewear
Blooming Folding Eyewear is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Blooming Folding Eyewear

Sonja‘s eyewear design was inspired by blossoming flowers and early spectacle frames. Combining the organic forms of nature and the functional elements of spectacle frames the designer developed a convertible item that can be easily manipulated giving several different looks. The product was also designed with a practical folding possibility, taking as little space as possible in the carriers bag. The lenses are produced of laser-cut plexiglass with Orchid flower prints, and the frames are made manually using 18k gold plated brass.

Blooming Folding Eyewear
Sonja Iglic Blooming
Sonja Iglic Folding Eyewear
Sonja Iglic design
Sonja Iglic design
Sonja Iglic

Sonja‘s background in Production design for Theater and Film has oriented her toward a more narrative approach when designing jewellery. Her inspirations come from legends, ideas or thoughts which she transforms into visual stories using symbols found in nature. She dreams to improve and change the general notion of how jewelry should be worn, what material it should be made of and what it should say about the wearer. She believes that jewelry should be anything that in relation to the human body offers some sense of the wearer and the possibility for communication.

Sonja Iglic

After completing a master degree in scenography at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Sonja has decided to go back to her first love, jewellery. Having a background in Theatre and Film, the natural result is her out of the ordinary, conceptual jewellery. The brand is oriented to be inspired and moved by a certain idea, story or concept. Never thinking about the material or the finished product, focused on the idea, moving through the project. That’s why the end product is always something new, and really one of a kind. Always trying to change people’s thought of what jewellery should be. Her brand represents the idea that jewellery is not necessary, it’s pure luxury. Jewellery should be anything that relates to the body and is designed as a means of communication. The focus are the stories, ideas and ways to shape them into something more.