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Wellian Website is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Wellian Website

The mind map interface shows layers of information and their inter-connectivity. The interface is also playable. With a little bit of motion, the design creates a more interactive experience to bring a sense of movement, excitement and comfort. All the while, the interface reduces the inherent anxiety common for visitors of majority of health-related websites. The 7 bright, modern, and engaging colors create a clean, happy, nostalgic space. All information and functions are represented in form of icons to simplify the complexity and to break the language barrier.

Wellian Website
Neda Barbazi Wellian
Neda Barbazi Website
Neda Barbazi design
Neda Barbazi design
Neda Barbazi

I am a multidisciplinary designer, researcher, and creative strategist, who explores the intersection of Design, Science, Technology, Business, and Human Behavior. I am passionate about gathering insights and driving creative business solutions through human needs. When I'm not glued to the monitor, you may find me sketching on the back of a napkin, hanging with others, walking in the rain, or enjoying a cup of hot coffee by the fire while watching raindrops race across the window with soft music playing.


Wellian’s mission is to improve wellness through visualizing, simplifying, and personalizing the – often hidden – connections between lifestyles, habits, genetic factors, health conditions, and symptoms. Wellian is a preventive/risk-mitigation tool and a lifestyle medicine/wellness virtual coach. Wellian utilizes different solutions such as an intuitive voice-based wellness AI-bot that seamlessly collects data through engaging conversations and turns them into actionable insights. A major gap in the healthcare was the lack of any information age lifestyle medicine solution; there was no habit-forming product for lifestyle medicine. To fill this gap, Wellian brings together lifestyle medicine, human behavior, design thinking, AI, voice interface, and rewards into an intuitive, evidence-based, human-friendly preventive/predictive platform. Wellian connects the dots in health and wellness through ontology, deep learning, blockchain, and network physiology on the backbone of design thinking. Wellian comprises scientific content from peer-reviewed literature, open databases like MedlinePlus, accredited websites, research institutes, government organizations, expert wellness/medical opinions from best seller authors, and experiences from members themselves, thereby drawing on crowdsourced wisdom as well as valid scientific data.