Peter Hanuska IQBottles Reusable Water Bottle
IQBottles Reusable Water Bottle is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Category.
IQBottles Reusable Water Bottle

IQBottles is a modern smart product suitable for everyday use, not only for drinking but also for playing. The bottles are designed to improve the children's attitude to a drinking regime in a playful way. Children use their own creativity to assemble the final appearance of the bottle by combining replaceable components such as hair/caps, stickers, hands/skirts. The body of the bottle and caps are available in different colors.

IQBottles Reusable Water Bottle
Peter Hanuska IQBottles
Peter Hanuska Reusable Water Bottle
Peter Hanuska design
Peter Hanuska design
Peter Hanuska

The owner/designer is a person who never be giving up, even some other close people are saying "let it go". He always trust to himself and his ability to create and produce a new good, nice and lovely products for kids, teenage and adults. His advice how to succeed is "dream about it...feel it, and never believe that it is not possible to achieve it".


Our company has been set up to make very good quality products for kids with added "+IQ" value. Our products are different because of their unique design and functionality. We decided to made our first product - reusable water bottle for kids and named it IQBottles. The bottles got value of playable bottles, because we use convertible and replaceable parts to make different characters. (boy, girl, pilot, hero, octopus,...) We are convinced that kids will love them and will get better drinking regime every day.