Bonnelycke mdd Unu Shelf and Wardrobe System
Unu Shelf and Wardrobe System is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Design Award Category.
Unu Shelf and Wardrobe System

UNU is a modular shelf and wardrobe system. Two lengths, three heights and two depths, further the shelves can be mounted upside down extending the height options three times. Shelves can be mixed and matched to sculpture a wall of shelves, not only up-down and sideways direction but also in-out from the wall, and the wardrobe items can also be integrated. The wall bracket allows cabling from lamps, stereo, tv and more to be hidden behind the shelves. Several add-on items are available such as book supports, hangers, mirrors, trays, tables and more.

Unu Shelf and Wardrobe System
Bonnelycke mdd Unu
Bonnelycke mdd Shelf and Wardrobe System
Bonnelycke mdd design
Bonnelycke mdd design

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