Pedro Paulo Venzon Pudica Chair
Pudica Chair is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Design Award Category.
Pudica Chair

The Pudica Chair is an artefact that seeks syncretism between the rationalist style of the early twentieth century and the Brazilian colonial experience, embodied in the severity and economy of its forms and in the rise of a possible transcendence. Containment of an excess that poses as a brand, the piece takes up “Brazilian” inheritances in the form of a contemporary displacement. Apart from motivation, due to its characteristic design, Pudica Chair can be stacked.

Pudica  Chair
Pedro Paulo Venzon Pudica
Pedro Paulo Venzon Chair
Pedro Paulo Venzon design
Pedro Paulo Venzon design
Pedro Paulo Venzon

Pedro Paulo Venzon is a designer who has produced objects and artefacts, and whose concern is to create pieces that arise from a decolonial reading of the discussions surrounding contemporary and modem design in Brazil. Since 2011, when he finished his academic studies, he has received important prizes In both Brazilian and international scenario, there is currently engagement with the production of syntheses between the authorial and industrial, the local and the global, between tradition and its displacements.

Pedro Paulo Venzon

The design studio of Pedro Paulo Venzon is fundamentally concerned with producing artifacts that give rise to esthetic, social and cultural discourses that permeate the universe of design. Devoted to a careful observation of the possibilities of rereading and displacement of Brazilian tradition, understood as second to its contemporaneity, the studio stretches the limits of identity practices and the delicate relationship between the vernacular and transnational.