Brook Kennedy Macronaut Smartphone lens
Macronaut Smartphone lens is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Category.
Macronaut Smartphone lens

Macronaut is a compact, creative inspiration tool that fits in your pocket on your phone. It is a companion for designers, artists and naturalists of all ages. Macronaut works with most smart phones with or without protective cases. 15x magnification offers an unexpected view of the world from which to draw visual, photographic and design inspiration. Macronaut has been used by industrial designers, graphic designers, in University research labs and in design studio classes. It has also inspired professional design concepts which are currently in development.

Macronaut  Smartphone lens
Brook Kennedy Macronaut
Brook Kennedy Smartphone lens
Brook Kennedy design
Brook Kennedy design
Brook Kennedy

Brook Kennedy is an award-winning Industrial Designer, researcher and educator. Originally from New York City and educated in California and Oregon Kennedy also holds 20+ US, Canadian and European patents. Kennedy currently lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where he is an independent designer and Associate Professor of Industrial Design at Virginia Tech. Kennedy’s current research focus lies in future sustainable opportunities for his profession at the intersection of Biology, Design and Engineering.


Macronaut is a professional design studio and research lab practicing at the intersection of Biology, Design and Engineering fields. In essence, the design, the Macronaut lens is a corner stone of the lab’s design philosophy. Dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of the natural world for the benefit of solving human problems through design, Macronaut is currently engaged in projects developing solutions that supply clean water, access to medical care and supporting the development of materials and processes that honor environmental stewardship.