Bonnelycke mdd Dee Pendant lamps
Dee Pendant lamps is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Dee Pendant lamps

The DEE pendants are two pendants sharing the same metal top, dimensioning and form factor. The DEE glass version is the more modern version of the two with the dusted part of the glass only being in the bottom part. It mimes a kind of flowfeeling, when the pendant is hung in a room, looking almost like mist caught in a bowl. The DEE Metal is the more contemporary version of the two. A classic metal shade is distributing the light down and the opalized diffuser is making sure the light is soft and comfortably glowing, which makes the metal version useful and pleasant hanging over any table.

Dee Pendant lamps
Bonnelycke mdd Dee
Bonnelycke mdd Pendant lamps
Bonnelycke mdd design
Bonnelycke mdd design
Design For The People by Nordlux

Design For The People by Nordlux - FROM IDEA TO ENTHUSIASM. Creating something is not art - creating enthusiasm is. This is our credo at Nordlux and with this in mind we create innovative design products that are both exciting and advanced. We cannot help it, because we love the process of advancing from an idea to enthusiasm. Fortunately, we are surrounded by people who prefer to go all the way rather than compromise. People who are not afraid to use some elbow grease as well as some mental grease, and for whom innovation is nothing new. Because at Nordlux every success story starts with innovation. Only in this way we can make sure that our products are in line with the global impulses - and maybe even one step ahead of them. Design For The People is for all who appreciate classic as well as innovative lighting design. We are guided by our vision to create design products at a price that everyone can afford. Design with a Nordic twist, intended for people worldwide. Therefore, we invest in the form and functionality of each and every design we produce, just as we think about people and the environment in connection with each and every solution. Behind every Design For The People design there are a number of recognised Danish designers who endeavour to create lighting that embellish and seduce, where beauty and functionality go hand in hand.