PepsiCo Creator Camo Out Wearable technology
Camo Out Wearable technology is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Wearable Technologies Design Award Category.
Camo Out Wearable technology

Camo Out is Mountain Dew’s first-ever ultimate camouflage-meets-wearable-tech collection with VFILES & PepsiCo Creator. The line highlights Dew’s position at the cross-section between the new American Heartland & urban street-wear culture, showing how Dew continues to push boundaries in merchandising, with the latest wearable tech features including body-camera and personal-audio system tech. This line includes track suits and jackets that play music and backpacks that are fueled by solar power.

Camo Out  Wearable technology
PepsiCo Creator Camo Out
PepsiCo Creator Wearable technology
PepsiCo Creator design
PepsiCo Creator design
PepsiCo Creator

PepsiCo Creator is an (internal) catalyst group (within North America Beverages Marketing) on a mission to explore the edges of culture and co-create innovative experiences.