Jiayi Lu Vintage Table Setting Photography
Vintage Table Setting Photography is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Vintage Table Setting Photography

This project is in formal of photography contemporary, shooting for a work of table setting. To be suitable of this vintage table setting, I used the lights and flash in my views and I would create an atmosphere as a olio painting, as the works of Rembrandt in 1650. The classical color style would bring us back to the beginning of photography in history. In the early period, photography was from classic olio painting. My work would like to return a purity and artistic photo style, to give people a sense in museum and gallery, when it appears in a clean background like white pages or walls.

Vintage Table Setting Photography
Jiayi Lu Vintage Table Setting
Jiayi Lu Photography
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Jiayi Lu design
Sofia Lu Vision studio

Sofia Lu Vision studio has set up in 2015 in Italy, later it has office in Suzhou, China. The studio focus on Art Vision and photography. The main idea of the studio is make a good relationship between people and life, to make more people live in a healthy, fresh and happy lifestyle by creating images. It has collaboration with lots of freelance photographers, designers and adventure and publish companies. For the further development, the studio has uncommercial project every year.