Davide Cerini MANTOVA a new life from past to design Residential private house
MANTOVA a new life from past to design Residential private house is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
MANTOVA a new life from past to design Residential private house

The Project "Mantova" consist of restoration of a 500th century house, including the exterior part; the garden. From the beggining of the project, as architects and designers we tried to keep the story of the house, including the frescoes found on the walls, and the city where it's built in. Additionaly we tried to give a modern/contemporary sense which could dialog with it's story, keeping the same type of materials also in choosing of furnitures.

MANTOVA a new life from past to design Residential private house
Davide Cerini MANTOVA a new life from past to design
Davide Cerini Residential private house
Davide Cerini design
Davide Cerini design
Davide Cerini

Degree in Architecture at the Faculty of Politecnico di Milano in 1997. He completed his university studies by developing the thesis at Columbia University in New York, department of structural and mechanical engineering. Inscription as Record Architect from 1997, n° 415 ODA Mantova. Two years in the army as lieutenant in Carabinieri, military police, complete the personal profile. With a family experience in the furniture industry, design and implementation, enters in year 1999 to be part of the Lissoni Associati Milano ( In over 17 years of experience he covered the position of an interior designer, designer of architectural works, director of important constructions, coordinator and supervisor of the working groups, project leader, project manager, technical member of the board of directors in Lissoni Associati Company. In particular, he deals with complex projects for prestigious clients, in which the high quality of the product is the result of close collaboration of many professionals. The project experience includes important villas, 5 star luxury hotels, Luxury Yatch, shops and showrooms, factories, offices, urban planning. In recent years he has developed particular expertise in the field of structural glass, lighting, home automation and integrated development of the construction process, aimed at the optimization of the work steps and the definition of the construction details, ancient building restoration and fresco techniques, pre-cast steel constructions, curtain walls, fire rated wood construction, acoustic, marbles, fire control. Since 2002 he has been coordinator for safety in constructions. As an architect, project designer or project manager he has designed parts of buildings, interiors, exhibition stands and furniture for the residential, commercial, hospitality and service sectors both in Italy and abroad (USA, Turkey, Russia, Qatar, Switzerland, Netherlands, India, Israel). From 2006 to 2009 he held, together with architect. Lissoni, workshops for the master's degree in Interior Design at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan. From 2010 to 2012 he was assistant as a visiting lecturer in the course of « executive design » of the degree course in architecture at the Politecnico of Milan – Leonardo. In 2007 he opened his own studio in Milan,( operating with a strict number of employees and a wide network of qualified and specialized suppliers. The interest of the study is aimed at complex projects and demanding clients and lovers of architecture, design and a lifestyle that reserve space for personal interests, welfare and good food. Among the works carried out for his clients there are many private apartments, residences, offices, wellness spa, villas in Moscow, Brescia, Lake Garda, Mantua, Verona, Milan, Cap Ferrat, Sardinia. Each project is unique and personalized, followed with care and in detail. A particular attitude for organization and team management, budget and target oriented. Today , in 2017 , is the holder of the study SDC- Milan and independent consultant in international projects. In 2014 open the office in London with Giampaolo Grossi ( extending the international attitude of the design approach and including new services as yacht design, light design and home automation.


Sandra Minuzzo and Davide Cerini open the studio in Milano in 2007. From here they collaborate with a small number of employees and a network of qualified and specialized suppliers who are growing together through their creations. The interest of the Studio targets complex projects and demanding clients, interested in architecture, design and a lifestyle that creates space for personal interests, well-being and relationships. Their clients mostly foreigners, are driven by a particular interest in the «Italian style», for the ability to blend different cultures taking the best from each. Therefore, are born Projects that combine the rehabilitation of historic buildings to modern addition of new parts, with the incorporation of furniture and made on measure solutions, design pieces and collectibles. Sandra completed her studies at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice and completed her training with a PhD from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Trento. Her passion for research, cultural deepening of the project and the attention to detail make her the artistic soul and the studio’s critic. Davide graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan and completed his studies at Columbia University in New York. With the experience gained in the family in the furniture industry and interior solutions, from 1999 he began working with the Milan studios. He loves challenges, major projects, teamwork and the international spirit of this profession. Thanks to these two souls, united in life and work, clients are guided, in a continuous comparison, through the multiple phases of the project, in order to create each time a tailor-made solution.