Sebastian Curi Bass Awards 2017 Promotional Video
Bass Awards 2017 Promotional Video is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Movie, Video and Animation Design Award Category.
Bass Awards 2017 Promotional Video

A storm is coming. A tropical storm. With lots of colors, wind and emotions. We want to create a world with a wide variety of living creatures. Small and big, all shapes and lines. Diversity is the key within the characters. They are feeling that something is coming. So they gather. And talk. At first, there are just murmurs going around, but with time they get louder. Different groups are passing the voice. The message is spreading. This is about the moment before the explosion.

Bass Awards 2017  Promotional Video
Sebastian Curi Bass Awards 2017
Sebastian Curi Promotional Video
Sebastian Curi design
Sebastian Curi design
Sebastian Curi

Sebastian Curi is a Los Angeles based Designer & Animation Director who loves the craft. He is a fan of variety, design process and taking risk on behalf of a better and different solution. His portfolio is a mix of different techniques, from 2D flat design, textured illustrations, colorful characters or 3D creative designs. His work has been highlighted on Motionographer, Promax Hot Spot, Wine after Coffe, Motion Served, Changethethougt and IDN among others. He had the privilege of working with award winning studios like Plenty, Le Cube and Buck LA, where he is working actually.

Bass Awards

BASSAWARDS is born from the premise of rewarding the disciplines of design that in recent years that has grown exponentially:broadcast design, motion graphics and animation. Many contests pay attention to this disciplines within their ranks but they are very generic when creating unique categories where commercial, identities, animations, etc. are competing. BASSAWARDS is the awards program that rewards the high-level and the best design around the world, from film to television. The visual design becomes a competitive advantage within the industry, improving products and making them more profitable. Whether in film or television identities, creativity and visual design convey ideas, philosophies and histories that help improve a product.