George Šmejkal Amheba Bookcase
Amheba Bookcase is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Generative, Algorithmic and Parametric Design Award Category.
Amheba Bookcase

Organic bookcase called Amheba is driven by algorithm, which contains variable parameters and set of rules. Concept of Topological optimization is used for lightening the structure. Thanks to precise jigsaw logic is possible to decompose and transfer it, anytime. One person is able to carry by pieces and assemble 2,5 meters long structure. Technology of the digital fabrication was used for realization. Whole process was controlled only in computers. Technical documentation was not necessary. Data was sent to the 3-axis CNC machine. Result of whole process is lighweighted structure.

Amheba Bookcase
George Šmejkal Amheba
George Šmejkal Bookcase
George Šmejkal design
George Šmejkal design
George Šmejkal

My name is George Šmejkal. I have a Bachelor degree on Faculty of architecture, CTU, Prague. I have graduated on Faculty of wood science, CULS, Prague. Now I am Master of Science and I am finishing my Master Architecture program on Brno University of Technology. I am very interested in parametric designing. My motto is finding another paths than regular. I am trying to find new solution of designing and fabrication especially with wood materials.

Parametr Studio

Parametr studio designs smart wooden furniture. Each project has an encrypted special ability obtained by using the digital design techniques, enhancing product capabilities. Studio was established in 2016 and it has 2 members. This young team is cooperation of designer and project manager. Studio is based in Prague, where the inventions come into existence. Main goal is to produce wood artefacts with better properties than is standard. Combination of generative tools and digital fabrication are characteristic feature of the studio.