Joanina Pastoll Recliner (single) Hanging chair
Recliner (single) Hanging chair is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Design Award Category.
Recliner (single) Hanging chair

The Studio Stirling RECLINER hanging swing chair has elegantly curved lines & is sculptural and dynamic with a considered balance point. Fluid & organic, it lends itself for use as a functional art piece. It's gentle movement gives a floating experience with panoramic views of the surroundings. Nature inspired the pattern detailing reminiscent of the veins in leaves, tree branches intersecting & patterns in dragonfly wings. It is extremely comfortable & has a cozy cocoon like feel that embraces your body and soul.

Recliner (single) Hanging chair
Joanina Pastoll Recliner (single)
Joanina Pastoll Hanging chair
Joanina Pastoll design
Joanina Pastoll design
Joanina Pastoll

A multi disciplinary design guru as it were, Joanina is one of a kind, full house. Having earned her position as Head of Creative at LOWE Cross Colours she has proved herself numerous times, with many local and international awards as evidence. Joanina sat on the judging panels of both local and international award ceremonies including the highly prestigious Cannes Advertising Festival, the London Internationals and Loeries. She has been asked to be the President of the Design Category for the London International Awards in 2014 and was delighted and excited to be included in the Cannes Advertising Festival judging jury for the Design category in 2015. She recently also made her way to the Dubai Lynx Festival to be part of the Design jury. Innovation and audaciousness are part of her character, always challenging the norms and finding creative solutions that enhance the identity and personality of a brand. Highly energetic, she loves to devour all forms of visual communication and is a keen observer of the latest trends. She enjoys doing interior design projects to extend and further implement her branding vision and has done several projects in South Africa and the UK. She has always had a love for beautiful objects and is now also designing hanging furniture – a passion that she has had for a long time. She can fondly remember coming back from a trip to London once with a hanging chair in tow. She now supplies selective clients and stores in the USA and Europe. David – photographer and curious wannabe inventor This being a husband and wife team – definitely a double whammy! David being an award winning photographer, certainly has an eye – and an aesthetic one at that. He is enjoying extending his talent into creating three dimensional objects. He is down to earth and practical which is a definite plus and being certainly more than ‘handy’ assists with lots technically. On occasion even had to dig deep to find some of that Boy Scout training in figuring out the tieing of some of the specialised knots needed in the rope for hanging some of the models. Its been huge fun to work together on some of the challenging pieces. Have a look at the beautiful pictures of the chairs on the website.

Studio Stirling

Beautiful hanging swing chairs and daybeds are the passion of Studio Stirling. They are made from steel or aluminium and are strong and durable. Each one is made by hand and it allows for each piece to have individualism and uniqueness in some of the pattern detailing due to the variance of craftsmanship. They are ideal for inside or outside use and look gorgeous on a deck, patio, hanging from a branch of a tree or anywhere indoors.