Azam Eskandari Less Door Handle
Less Door Handle is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Accessories, Hardware and Materials Design Award Category.
Less Door Handle

"The Less", a dual side door handle concept, is designed for solving some problems like injuring people or destroying property for kids room, administrative and learning spaces or today's offices to be more ergonomic, sustainable, safe, economic and easy to use that can made by aluminum and fluorescent acrylic for better visibility at night.

Less Door Handle
Azam Eskandari Less
Azam Eskandari Door Handle
Azam Eskandari design
Azam Eskandari design
Azam Eskandari

She received Master degree of industrial design from Art University in 2004. She believes that design will drive future innovation and it can connect everything together to solve every problem. She operate on the border between innovation and design, developing products and offering solutions in design and production. Also she has material courses in some universities and teaching Material Driven Design (MDD) Method.

ZED Design Research Studio

ZED design research studio was found by Azam Eskandari based in Tehran,Iran which specializes in the development of design urban furniture and product with fusion of the various materials. ZED philosophy and goal is to develop social innovation that helps people to feel more happy and healthy by using design and technology.