Stefano Ivan Scarascia Sestetto Speaker Orchestra
Sestetto Speaker Orchestra is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
Sestetto Speaker Orchestra

An orchestral ensemble of speakers that play together like real musicians. Sestetto is a multi-channel audio system to play individual instrument tracks in separate loudspeakers of different technologies and materials dedicated to the specific sound case, among pure concrete, resonating wooden soundboards and ceramic horns. The mixing of tracks and parts comes back to be physically in the place of listening, like in a real concert. Sestetto is the chamber orchestra of the recorded music. Sestetto is directly self-produced by its designers Stefano Ivan Scarascia and Francesco Shyam Zonca.

Sestetto Speaker Orchestra
Stefano Ivan Scarascia Sestetto
Stefano Ivan Scarascia Speaker Orchestra
Stefano Ivan Scarascia design
Stefano Ivan Scarascia design
Stefano Ivan Scarascia

Designer, musician and showman, his design work ranges from public transportation – including awards by BOMBARDIER Transportation, Italian State Railways and participation in Milan’s ATM tram and metro restyling - to especially musical instruments: the only way that since his childhood he found to not confuse the others too much. In the meantime he indeed studies, writes and plays music in live occasions and in studio, as soloist, sessionman and in group formations, on Italian and international stages. He use to play keys, strings, cymbals, percussions, winds, intercoms, mirrors ironing boards, ties and water heaters, but he generally prefers to play Music. He came back from Havana with an artisanal guiro, from the Mardi Gras of New Orleans with an old trombone and from the Rio de Janeiro Carnival with four earsplitting drums. He completely self-produces his music and videoclips. Graduated with highest honours in Industrial Design and then in Product Design for Innovation with a thesis for equal rights between black and white keys, he had work experiences in the YAMAHA Design Studio in London and with other musical instrument companies among his current customers. Honoured in the 2017 with the Golden A' Design Award, his projects have been exhibited at the Fuorisalone in Milan, Ventura Lambrate Fall Edition, London Design Week and XXI Trienniale, reviewed by Domus, Case e Stili, Ottagono, Corriere Della Sera and Interni. He is currently living in Japan, called to work as Senior Designer for YAMAHA Corporation.

Produzione IMpropria

Produzione Impropria is a collective that expresses a new vision of dynamics of the design, to propose an ideological and pragmatic change of maker culture in Italy. Produzione Impropria is: Produzione (production), because ideas become materic and tangible. The design, and designer, gives themselves a challenge and tries to become real. Impropria (improper), because it decontextualizes technologies and manufacturing, representing them through a new and innovative vision. It calibrates them to realize ideas and projects. Sixteen designers explore the contemporary scenery of maker culture, they assimilate aspects and dynamics, starting points to prove. Produzione IMpropria was born after a deep research in the "Autoproduzioni" final synthesis design laboratory held in the Politecnico di Milano.