Ali Sattari Water splash Ring
Water splash Ring is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Water splash Ring

Regarding the perfect shape of the human body, creating something to enhance this greatness is actually difficult. Hence, returning to the natural forms and applying Biomorphism was my solution to design something as beautiful as the shape of human body. In this specific project, everything was started from the spark of "freezing the time" in my mind, to capture the moments that could not be seen by naked eye. The moment of water splash is one of these cases which is chosen as the main concept to reflect this unique moment in the shape of this ring.

Water splash Ring
Ali Sattari Water splash
Ali Sattari Ring
Ali Sattari design
Ali Sattari design
Ali Sattari

Ali Sattari is a designer who tries to make the world to the better place through design. from his perspective, the most interesting aspect of design is its problem solving. there are lots of problems in our daily life which are needed to be resolved, the problems which can not be seen by the people however a designer can feel it, he thinks that it is the duty of the designers to find a solution for these matters because they are taught to be sensitive to the quality of the life.

Tehran University of Art

The University of Art is one of the accredited universities in Iran. Some parts of this university were established in 1979. Then in 1991 five different institutes of arts combined together and University of Art was founded. This is the largest comprehensive universality in Iran which is devoted to the fields of art and design.