Eleni Tezapsidou Nostalgia Ring
Nostalgia Ring is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Nostalgia Ring

Nostalgia is rhombic, set with black diamonds.Its shape combined with the stones set sideways,was inspired by two people's longing to meet again. Their connection is inimitable and this is described on its base;although they travel to different directions hoping to meet again, they fail to do so. The theme, with the stones looking sideways, shows exactly the pain caused by this longing of return; eventually it transfigures into hope. The juxtaposition emphasizes the true nature of love as it is manifested through time and space.

Nostalgia Ring
Eleni Tezapsidou Nostalgia
Eleni Tezapsidou Ring
Eleni Tezapsidou design
Eleni Tezapsidou design
Eleni Tezapsidou

The jewellery society of Thessaloniki is represented by Eleni since 2008 when she was the first woman elected President of the city's association, a union founded in 1924. Since then, she tries to promote Greek designers both locally as well as worldwide. She is the Vice President of the Hellenic Federation of Craft Silversmiths Jewelers Watch Sellers and in November 2016 she was elected in the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals Craftsmen and Merchants. Eleni designs, crafts, sells and teaches jewellery making in Greece.

Eleni Tezapsidou - Tezoro Jewellery

Tezoro was originally founded in 1922.It is a dynamic small business with an inimitable history.It continues the tradition in proudly representing Greek jewelry on an international level, a role TEZORO's owner and creative director Eleni Tezapsidou serves in multiple fronts as the President of Thessaloniki's Jewellery Association.With studies in jewellery design, handmade jewellery making, gemmology and business administration the family business presents collections in silver and gold with precious stones.