Andras Kelemen Axis Fabio Eyewear
Axis Fabio Eyewear is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Axis Fabio Eyewear

The frame is constructed from plywood sourced from the wood of special tree species. The outer layer of the profile and the hinges are ebony, while the inner layers and the temples are made of ash. The special glue used to secure the layers provides enough flexibility for the lenses to be snapped into place at room temperature. While designing these spectacles, it was important that the hinges be manufactured locally and in the simplest way possible. In contrast to traditional hinges, the temples of these spectacles must be rotated 170 degrees inward to close them.

Axis Fabio Eyewear
Andras Kelemen Axis Fabio
Andras Kelemen Eyewear
Andras Kelemen design
Axis Spectacles

Axis design studio was founded by Andras Kelemen and Peter Kelemen in Budapest in 2015. The key factor in the company’s success is the constant search for innovation. The natural materials and the unique technical solutions of Axis spectacles represent the company’s design philosophy and inspire people to think differently about the eyewear industry.