Ryohei Kanda Ricca Sakura in a bar
Ricca Sakura in a bar is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Ricca Sakura in a bar

RICCA is a bar, located at Kagurazaka.  Even now, there are Japanese traditional atmosphere and alley in this town. I created this design to express Japanese aesthetic sense. In Japan, there is cultural event is known as “Hanami”, which means “cherry blossom viewing”. This unique event is happened only in couples of week of early spring. Inspired by this moment, I designed this bar with beauty, glamorous, strength and fragility of Hanami.

Ricca Sakura in a bar
Ryohei Kanda Ricca
Ryohei Kanda Sakura in a bar
Ryohei Kanda design
Ryohei Kanda design
Ryohei Kanda

If someone can express anything with unique and beautiful that no one has not done before, it is the art. We could see often in a design. I am trying to create beautiful scene, figure, style in interior design. The design is not transitory, but cosmopolitan and contemporary. It is the thing beyond the boundary line of art and the design. I believe the design satisfy the space and make people happy.

Roito Inc

Roito Inc. was established in 2013. (Based Tokyo, Japan) Ryohei Kanda is CEO of Roito. Engaged as Interior Designer for 10years at a Hashimoto Yukio Design Studio. Created many projects and received high evaluation in every project. Our business: ・Interior Designs for commercial facilities such as restaurants,  retail store, hotels. ・Interior Designs for residence, mainly condominium renovations ・Architectural design ・Product design