Luigi Toledo Andrômeda Tourist kayak
Andrômeda Tourist kayak is Iron Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
Andrômeda Tourist kayak

The Andromeda Project was born due to the tourist kayaks needing to obtain technique to pad them, lack of stability and hydrodynamics, considered the main points that discourage the public interested in this practice. Given this new segment, between sport kayaks and fishing boats, a personal boat has emerged that offers high stability and hydrodynamics, weighing 28kg that presents a superior performance to the plastic in the current market, enabling anyone with no skills to carry and navigate.

Andrômeda Tourist kayak
Luigi Toledo Andrômeda
Luigi Toledo Tourist kayak
Luigi Toledo

Luigi Toledo graduated in Product Design from the Instituto Europeo Di Design. In 2014, together with Carlos Toledo (Engineer), he opened the José das Artes House (creation workshop with ideas and concepts developed through the link between Design and Engineering, producing unique pieces In furniture and naval). Where his first product (Andromeda Kayak) was awarded in the Brazilian House Museum in 2016.

Casa Das Artes São José

The company Casa das Artes São José was founded in the year 2014, with the idealization of the fusion of design and engineering with the concepts of arts, technical sciences, processes and materials technologies. Creating an own place where artistic and intellectual skills with the integrated use of different types of materials, forge specific product ideas and differentiate in their forms and functions, for different dimensions of environments to be used by the people.