The POD Bengal Classical Music Festival
Bengal Classical Music Festival is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Generative, Algorithmic and Parametric Design Award Category.
Bengal Classical Music Festival

Eastern classical music is a conversation of love spoken in syllables of purity and reflection. To encapsulate this, a generative system based on 'Raga' was developed. A symbol – the statue of a musician sitting at peace, her hands liberating the tunes from her Tanpura – was chosen as the core seed of the system to generate design elements unique to each performer's music. The lighting of the statue for each generations reflected the different times of the day-night when a 'Raga' is played.

Bengal Classical Music Festival
The POD Bengal Classical Music
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The POD design
Bengal Foundation

Bengal Foundation was set up on the belief that exposure to the arts and culture lend a certain enlightenment and erudition to people, which not only make their quality of life better but also contribute to the betterment of society as well as the country. Engagement with the arts enriches people in a way which not only makes one more learned but also more humane. Bengal Foundation aims to sculpt a sense of aesthetics within the people, as well as the appreciation of it; establish points of reference for the growth and proliferation of art and facilitate the creation of environments responsive to the arts. It also works to conserve tradition; allow diversity, evolution and growth from within; disseminate processes, techniques, information and knowledge about the arts in order to empower, and instill confidence. Therefore the core undertaking of the Foundation is to create awareness in, and encourage the practice of, the arts in all its adaptations and uphold a positive image of Bangladesh by disseminating information about its cultural wealth.