Adrian Bravo Bravo 40 Sailing catamaran
Bravo 40 Sailing catamaran is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
Bravo 40 Sailing catamaran

The main element of the idea of this project is to create a comfortable living space for the crew of the yacht, a large number of windows provides continuity between the inside and the deck of the yacht. in the living room through the large windows we have a view on the deck. The second thing was to achieve a compromise between innovative design and practice of sailing, to create a relaxed line of the yacht that will give complete satisfaction of a person a floating on that catamaran. The yacht has 4 double rooms with 4 bathrooms and a large comfortable lounge where you can spend a nice time.

Bravo 40 Sailing catamaran
Adrian Bravo Bravo 40
Adrian Bravo Sailing catamaran
Adrian Bravo design
Adrian Bravo design
Adrian Bravo

Adrian Bravo is a Polish designer, living permanently in Spain , which operates mainly in the design of yachts and also in other areas: brandign, graphic design, editorial, web design, industrial design products for everyday use. He led many to own a yacht shipyards where he created many design yacht. Do you think is the visionary person ambitious, courageous in terms of projects y which places a bar high. From 2015 performs its own projects yachts. His approach to design is based on professional experience and is based on a deep understanding of the context of the project and the client's needs as well as market demand, which allows the execution of functional and effective solutions.

Adrian Bravo- Design Studio

Project office led by Adrian Bravo - with a lot of experience in yacht design, industrial design, product design. With experience yacht construction, introduction of production. My passion for the project is attention to every detail of the project. Our holistic view of the creative process gives our projects a sense of unity. Every customer is a member of the creative team. Communication between our studio and the client is a key success factor for our projects