Petr Novague Super Soft Spokar Toothbrush
Super Soft Spokar Toothbrush is Iron Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Award Category.
Super Soft Spokar Toothbrush

The design of the toothbrush is based on elaborate ergonomics for holding the brush in the hand, which considerably improved the availability of head movement at various angles during toothbrushing. The quality of the product is supported by the use of fine antibacterial fibers that abate irritation of the gum. The entire series is distinguished in several contrasting and colors.

Super Soft Spokar Toothbrush
Petr Novague Super Soft Spokar
Petr Novague Toothbrush
Petr Novague design
Petr Novague design
Petr Novague

THE DESIGN PROCESS IS ALWAYS THE SAME The client comes with input that forms the definition of his needs and requests. We can also generalise that it is a fact that the aim is also sell more products and make more money. Clients request several of assignments in one. He usually wants to replace the current product with a newer, more progressive, better functioning product with a more modern look. Or he wants to come up with a brand new product (eg, his firm has specialized in other segments and wants to expand their scope). Or the client has the technology and wants to give the designer space and time to design anything for the use of these technologies. On every product thus, the manufacturer can present all the possibilities and thus gain a competitive advantage through the design. Design is dependent on the designer, his talent, but also largely on the client in having the courage to choose the correct design to give the designer the space for creative thought to flourish. This always begins with a thorough market analysis, the selection of the aspects of the future design and their quality. There follows on from there the finding of the nature of the product, its essence, and to which principles it will be built. Then comes the sketching, the research, emotional stress... After this comes a period of 3D modeling, transforming the expression to an actual shape. Then comes the definition of materials, colours and the definition of the manufacturing process. He then forms a prototype and begins testing. And then process ends with the setting of serial production and errors incurred for testing and prototyping. 

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The company Spojené kartáčovny a.s. , whose history dates back to 1882, is an important European manufacturer and exporter of wide range of brush ware goods. Continuous emphasis focused on the quality of our products and modernization of our production equipment, quality management system certified according to ISO 9001 and comprehensive logistics guarantee ability of the company to meet requirements of business partners and are a prerequisite of satisfaction of users of our products.