Samin Sadat Mousavi Pine Lady Costume
Pine Lady Costume is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Pine Lady Costume

this collection is about a character of being weak and mortal veiled herself behind the mighty nature and tried to unify with the nature to overcome the intrinsic weakness. In this costume, character finds herself humankind, distanced from mortality and pictures herself as the mother nature.Samin Mousavi prefered to choose pine as her handmade costume material to show the paradox of evergreen nature and mortal young women beauty.

Pine Lady Costume
Samin Sadat Mousavi Pine Lady
Samin Sadat Mousavi Costume
Samin Sadat Mousavi design
Samin Sadat Mousavi design
Samin Sadat Mousavi

its difficult to separate samin mousavi's occupations.she is intrested in interdisciplinary studies & researchs to improve her skills in Art Direction as her profession in artistic fields especially in film making & fashion photography . she believes in the power of artistic creation by the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge.philosophy , mythology and literature can compound with set & costume Design,lighting,graphic design and photography to create a fantasy for human's postmodern needs.its time to scape from stereotype advertisement and propagandas.

Samin Mousavi Photography

samin mousavi works as a freelance conceptual fashion photographer, art director,set designer and experimental filmmaker.her artworks is focused on storytelling by set and costume design to creat a new imaginary world . future plan of samin mousavi's studio is to emphasis on visual reconstruction of plays , the literature and history in conceptual fashion photography and video art direction by dramaturgy of characters based on costume and designed clothes to can be a serious psychological approach of fashion branding strategy to involving customers.