Deniz Ceyhun Baykan Akay Neris Residence Apartment
Akay Neris Residence Apartment is Iron Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Construction and Real Estate Projects Design Award Category.
Akay Neris Residence Apartment

Akay Neris Residences design aim is sustainable and ecological design concept. We used photo-voltaic energy panels on all of the rooftop areas and suitable facade surfaces. Sustainable design concept includes the waste water refinement for all grey and black water in this project. We aim to use refinement clear water on landscaping irrigation system. Along with that this system combined with rain water accumulation system.

Akay Neris Residence Apartment
Deniz Ceyhun Baykan Akay Neris Residence
Deniz Ceyhun Baykan Apartment
Deniz Ceyhun Baykan design
Deniz Ceyhun Baykan design
Deniz Ceyhun Baykan

Baykan Architecture is an (Ankara,Turkey) based company, founded in 2003, which provides Architectural projects all over the world. We have designed several project in Russia, Maldives, Avganistan, Kazakistan and Turkey that you can reach at our website. Our company have designed many differend kinds of project in Chechnya, such as mosques, apartments, hotels, presidental residence and etc. In the future our company plans to continue providing the excellent qualifications of the architecture designs concepts worldwide.

Akay insaat

Our company Akay Insaat was established in 1985 to provide engineering and contracting services. The company in various branches has improved its capacity and technical equipment in parallel with technological advances in every aspect of its expert staff, distinguished administrative and technical management staff