Vlad Mititelu Jazz Shower
Jazz Shower is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Category.
Jazz Shower

Jazz is a brand new product, part of Art Showers series, project that stands up to standard designs and traditional interpretations. The design is focused on creating an experience for the user through the shape of a trumpet which delivers water instead of sound. The entire object is carefully covered in copper wire manually, which makes it a limited edition design. Its dimensions make it practical in every home even if the space is limited.

Jazz Shower
Vlad Mititelu Jazz
Vlad Mititelu Shower
Vlad Mititelu design
Vlad Mititelu design
Vlad Mititelu

Vlad Mititelu is an artist and designer who wants to blur the line between art and design by challenging our perception of how we understand a particular object. He finds inspiration in everything that surrounds him and translates that into usable artworks. He wants to create a certain kind of object that are out of standard for users who need to use them as a reflection of their personalities. The key feature of his works lies in the copper wire texture which he creates and uses as a personal signature.

Art Showers

Art Showers is a project by Vlad Mititelu which includes several hand crafted designs that alows the individual reflect his own personal style trough the objects that he buy and uses. Art Showers thakes part of a biger series of designs like, Art Lights and Art Furniture. The entire project is based on individuality and not on the usual standard. Vlad believes that it is time to be aware and support those people who feel and express themselves in a diferent way.