Rohan Siebel Floh Travel Luggage
Floh Travel Luggage is Platinum Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Floh Travel Luggage

Floh is a travel luggage system that you can either ride as a scooter, roll as a trolley bag or wear as a backpack or shoulder bag. The heart of the system is the Drive Module, a 3 wheeled scooter that utilizes Ackerman type steering which allows you to navigate around obstacles at both low and high speeds. The Floh system comes with two different bags where either can be attached to the Drive Module. The larger bag is a hard shell case with concealed backpack straps perfect for those 2-3 day trips. The smaller bag is a messenger type bag designed for day to day use.

Floh Travel Luggage
Rohan Siebel Floh
Rohan Siebel Travel Luggage
Rohan Siebel design
Rohan Siebel design
Rohan Siebel

Strontium, a studio set up by Rohan Siebel, is a one stop shop for product solutions. They offer services such as Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Graphic Design, Prototyping, & Mass-Production. Being based in Shenzhen, the advantage Strontium have is their close relationship with the factories and their understanding of most manufacturing processes, so there is little time wasted creating designs that are impossible or unnecessarily difficult to be made.

Strontium Ltd

Strontium Ltd is a company founded by an Australian Industrial Designer. Based out of Shenzhen, China, Strontium Ltd offers their clients complete product solutions from initial concepts right through prototyping to mass production including QC inspections, packaging and logistics. They also have extensive experience with branding and go to market strategy.