Kendall Reynolds Pout Boot
Pout Boot is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design Award Category.
Pout Boot

A chic, strap-on pocket detailed with handsome diamond dust hardware doubles the appeal of the street savvy Pout boot. Pursed lips will be all about deciding which way you want to wear this fresh off-white boot (pocket on or off?) rather than pouting. Even Rihanna couldn't wait to get her hands on these, she purchased all three colors.

Pout Boot
Kendall Reynolds Pout
Kendall Reynolds Boot
Kendall Reynolds design
Kendall Reynolds design
Kendall Reynolds

Kendall Reynolds, the Founder, CEO and Design Director of Kendall Miles Designs, is a woman pursuing her passion. Only 23 years-old, she graduated from the University of Southern California while concurrently designing her first collection for Fall/Winter 2016 in the luxury women’s footwear category. Kendall is a millennial driven to be the best professional and citizen that she can be, coming from a Chicago Southside neighborhood that rewarded entrepreneurship and community activism. Receiving high praise from celebrity clients, including Rihanna, and retail placement at the globally-renowned Ikram boutique, Kendall Miles shoes are committed to maintaining true to couture standards, with all products hand-made in Italy and all designs hand sketched by Kendall herself. With their elaborate and decorative adornments and age-old classic lines, Kendall Miles shoes are timelessly elegant, forever chic and convey a powerful underlying message. Their sensibility is simultaneously feminine, delicate, powerful, luxurious and above all, ultimately wearable.

Kendall Miles Desings, LLC

Kendall Miles Designs is in the global business of specialty retail focusing initially on luxury women’s shoes and accessories. We cater to our consumers by enhancing the richness of the shopping experience and creating inventory that meets the needs of our target customers’ lifestyle. Using our knowledge of industry trends, design concepts, patterns and materials, we sketch a collection by hand and have samples created to market and distribute to large and small retail operations securing marketing attention, placement and signage. Our mission is to create footwear that displays timeless elegance, while awakening the femininity and sexual allure within.