Beata Greta Szatmari Ready Folded Wearable Art
Ready Folded Wearable Art is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
Ready Folded Wearable Art

The debutant collection Ready Folded-Wearable Art draws it's inspiration from traditional Japanese origami elements. The designer created this collection of formal wear with the idea of wearable art in her mind. By using the finest materials, decorations and meticulous haute couture she strived to bring originality to her designs, and with the help of colour schemes and tailoring line she achieves a sense of harmony, which she hopes reflect the complexity of feminity.

Ready Folded Wearable Art
Beata Greta Szatmari Ready Folded
Beata Greta Szatmari Wearable Art
Beata Greta Szatmari design
Beata Greta Szatmari design

Beatitude is a new brand,which aims to satisfy the need for peculiar and yet sophisticated formal wear. The designer wants to bring originality in her creations, by taking inspiration from traditional cultural elements from all around the world. Her first collection, Ready Folded-Wearable Art was inspired by Japanese origami, but she intends to explore different cultures in her further design.