LAGARD Jean Plié Lamp
Plié Lamp is Iron Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Plié Lamp

"Plié" (or "Bended") is a lamp designed by French boilermaker Jean Lagard that plays with visual perspective. Its sharply angled sides at times fully reveal, or merely suggest, the warmth and softness of the light glowing between its two metal folds. The clean and geometric design of "Plié" highlights the simplicity of a sheet of metal. With this minimalist concept, the designer offers his own interpretation of how a lamp can provide light.

Plié Lamp
LAGARD Jean Plié
LAGARD Jean Lamp
LAGARD Jean design
LAGARD Jean design

Following a solid experience in the field of fine sheet metal work and pressure vessels, he want to use my skills to serve new professional achievements. With an experience of workshop and design office, Jean Lagard has a global vision of the progress of a project. He is versatile in the workstations and quickly adapt to the existing team. He created my company "Et Le Métal Fut", a company of furniture, lighting and commercial spaces ... He propose tailor-made designs as well as innovative and contemporary lines. He realize from design to manufacturing through the construction site.

Et Le Métal Fut

"Et Le Métal Fut" means "And there was metal". Artisan creator of luminaries and furniture. The love of turning matter into birth by watching his father work, with his eyes amazed ... then, little by little, Jean Lagard learned to create with his hands. The curiosity of metal shaping allowed him to acquire a solid technical basis. A great diversity of professional experiences has made him go through all the stages to carry out a project. The creative click came to Montreal in 2014. He worked with a lighting designer, he discovered that he could in turn create objects with his style. Since then, he has been working on his lines and his creative spirit.