Joana Júdice Smart Consulting Fully responsive webdesign
Smart Consulting Fully responsive webdesign is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Smart Consulting Fully responsive webdesign

The main goal of this website was to create a SMART design to simplify and communicate the brand in a different level. It was created a new brand identity based on icons and Smart conections/ words/ phrases. Everything is very minimalist but carefully choosen. The website has develloped from its original version in some aspects due to a later UX research and feedback received from the user and also some technical devellopment choices who changed to improve the velocity and usability of the website. It is a balance between tech and design world giving the best of both worlds.

Smart Consulting Fully responsive webdesign
Joana Júdice Smart Consulting
Joana Júdice Fully responsive webdesign
Joana Júdice design
Joana Júdice design
Joana Júdice

Me? I am a perfect regular human being like all the other billions that cover our earth ground. Why Am I different? I don't know if I am because there is more humans in this world that I don't know comparing to the ones I do. But I do care about people. I do care about who is around me. I do care about trying to be good, to change a little bit what's around me everyday. I know I give my best to every little detail of my job. I know I work hard and I have billions of ideas in each second I breath. So... that's me! Trying my best to be better in a different way. Every day.

Smart Consulting

We are a Technology Services Consulting company. We want to deserve the natural preference of the CLIENTS, being a reference for the EXCELLENCE of the Services we provide, through the quality of our CONSULTANTS. We are a Portuguese company but we do what we love the most all over the world. We cater our clients through 3 main areas of expertise, globally: outsourcing, project management and Nearshoring. We are a talented, motivated and young team enhancing value for its clients’ business, and yes, we are awesome doing it! This year we reached the top10 of happiest companies to work for in Portugal, according to Exame Magazine and the TOP 100 companies to work in Portugal too.