Zodiac Lighting Limited Connect, Create, Collaborate Exhibition
Connect, Create, Collaborate Exhibition is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Event and Happening Design Award Category.
Connect, Create, Collaborate Exhibition

The designers received lamps sponsored by VIBIA and re-design and modify them into something unique & innovative. All modified lamps have publicly exhibited in Comix Home Base. The exhibition integrated the lighting art pieces with the interior design of the venue. To allow visitors to experience the uniqueness of each lighting masterpiece, each of the pieces was assigned an individual space with unique light effects which help the audience to catch the essence of the idea.

Connect, Create, Collaborate Exhibition
Zodiac Lighting Limited Connect, Create, Collaborate
Zodiac Lighting Limited Exhibition
Zodiac Lighting Limited design
Zodiac Lighting Limited design
Zodiac Lighting Limited

For almost 30 years, Zodiac Lighting has been delivering advanced lighting solutions across Hong Kong. Committed to continuing to be one of the leading companies in the industry, it provides exceptional products and services for its customers. As an expert in lighting projects, professional sales of Zodiac group are derived from two main business areas — large-scale projects and retail. Zodiac aims to provide flexible and easily-adapted solutions, as well as a team of specialists who will precisely implement different project requirements. Zodiac’s strength lies in making personal consultations to its central focus, and implementing customers’ requests quickly and efficiently.

Zodiac Lighting Limited

Zodiac Lighting Limited is found in Hong Kong on 1st October 1988. The founders, who had contributed themselves to lighting industry over thirty years, came together and led the company towards the present successful days. Zodiac is established as one of the leading lighting companies in Hong Kong and has been nurturing an impressive growth over the years. Zodiac are the people bringing a bright and comfortable environment by offering professional lighting consultation and solution.