Yue Wang Chinese values Wall Painting
Chinese values Wall Painting is Iron Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Idea Design Award Category.
Chinese values Wall Painting

If everyone can understand others and share common beliefs, then it would be a society of harmony and freedom.the twelve wall paintings which use the traditional Chinese totems, symbolic patterns and flowers endowed with the meaning by traditional culture has explained the promote the universal values of mankind originated from the traditions of China and the needs of contemporary society, The purpose of this work is not only to improve the spiritual quality of Chinese citizens, but also to spread Chinese culture and principles to the world.

Chinese values  Wall Painting
Yue Wang Chinese values
Yue Wang Wall Painting
Yue Wang design
Yue Wang design
Yue Wang

She is a creative artist and the importance of her work lies in collecting and using those leftover materials and giving them values. Her main achievement is to find those abandoned and forgotten materials and bring them into people's view again so as to arouse their concern.She is ready to help ordinary people get an understanding and fall in love with art since the forces of art are so powerful that it can touch the heart of all kinds of people. The most interesting thing for her is to explore new values from those bits and pieces and rekindle people's love for them.

Yue Wang

Yue Wang, graduated from Dalian Polytechinic University with a master's degree and majored in contemporary art in 2016. She established the creative workshop named Yi Shu in Dalian of China. The main business includes creative design,wall painting,graphic design,packaging design, installation art and etc. With great passion for art, she hopes to create the works that can touch the heart. She favors leftover bits and pieces as her material in her creation.In 2013 the tree cave paintings she created became a sensation in China and won the excellence prize of HKDA Awards. In 2016 she was responsible for the art poverty alleviation project “To fish,to give fish " in Xian county in Heibei province of China and received IF Public Value Student Award.