Lori Ireland Whimsical Workplace Corporate Interior
Whimsical Workplace Corporate Interior is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Whimsical Workplace Corporate Interior

This whimsical workplace is completely unique as it lives and breathes the corporate philosophies, beliefs and mission statement of its occupants. There is no other building in the world that matches its objectives. This company has grown from small local roots into an international corporation with millions of gym members across Canada. This new corporate office is the epitome of the CEO’s lifestyle and of those that are part of his extended associate family. From the top management of this company to the front line associates that work in the fitness clubs, the mission is consistent.

Whimsical Workplace Corporate Interior
Lori Ireland Whimsical Workplace
Lori Ireland Corporate Interior
Lori Ireland design
Lori Ireland design
Lori Ireland

As founder and principal of Square Feet Design Group, Lori pours creativity into each project while keeping the message purposeful and clear. For Lori, design is about communication, not decoration. Lori knows how to take a project from the concept in her head through to final delivery. Lori's true passion is historic building revitalization. What is old can be restored and should be admired.

GoodLife Fitness

GoodLife Fitness is the largest fitness chain in Canada with over 375 gym locations across the country. This Canadian born phenom is the fourth largest fitness facility chain in the world. We have successfully partnered with them for over 17 years and are proud to have been fortunate to design their gyms. We are also incredibly thrilled to have designed their Whimsical Workplace corporate offices in London Ontario Canada.