Andres Uibomäe Renard GT Motorcycle
Renard GT Motorcycle is Platinum Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Renard GT Motorcycle

The DNA of the Renard GT is engineering intelligence – an ultra-light composite unibody, longitudinally mounted V2 engine and components that represent the cutting edge of the motorcycle industry. The Renard GT’s carbon-fiber monocoque weighs only 9 kilograms, thanks to an increased cross-section, the composite body ensures very precise steering. The unibody integrates the motorcycle’s frame, fuel tank, and air box into a single load-bearing.

Renard GT Motorcycle
Andres Uibomäe Renard GT
Andres Uibomäe Motorcycle
Andres Uibomäe design
Andres Uibomäe design
Renard Motorcycles

In 2008, a group of Estonian entrepreneurs, designers and racing engineers joined forces to revive the Renard brand. The company’s vision is to restore the Estonian motorcycle industry, which was interrupted by World War II. Renard Motorcycles is a brand with strong personality, great design and flawless quality. Adding those together the company is able to create motorcycles that go far beyond being regular commuting devices. In April of 2010, the first “modern” prototype was successfully unveiled at the Hanover Technology Fair – the Renard Grand Tourer.