TU POCHUN Zhong Bang Aigemei Interior Design
Zhong Bang Aigemei Interior Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Zhong Bang Aigemei Interior Design

The project came with the structure of an oval which brought challenges and opportunities to the designer. He managed to break the boundaries of the existing construction, creating a new and flowing space that exudes with the sense of freedom. Windows cover 3/4 of the walls, providing a generous view of the modern city. And thanks to the beautiful landscape that surrounds this place, no matter where people stand, they will be able to enjoy the openness and relax.

Zhong Bang Aigemei Interior Design
TU POCHUN Zhong Bang Aigemei
TU POCHUN Interior Design
TU POCHUN design
TU POCHUN design
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Design is the result of solving problems. Design is the comprehensive execution of accumulated technology, life suffering experience, and aesthetics beauty from mind mapping to detail drawings and to on-site implementation. The strength that really promotes the progress of the industry can only be explored by the continuous pursuit of aesthetic and technology.