Nikola Vucicevic Smart Plate
Smart Plate is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Futuristic Design Award Category.
Smart Plate

Data is becoming the important part of our lives. All products will be connected one way or the other. The creator wanted to combine the data, health and eating habits. If one person presses the Body Mass Index Pads that are placed on the both side of the plate with thumbs, then after just a few seconds, he or she might be able to see the data either on a screen on the plate, so as on the cell phone. Since the Heart Plate is going to be connected via Bluetooth with the cell phone. The app allows sharing the data with the third party like your clinic, personal doctor, nurse or personal trainer.

Smart Plate
Nikola Vucicevic Smart
Nikola Vucicevic Plate
Nikola Vucicevic design
Nikola Vucicevic design
Nikola Vucicevic

As the firm’s AD Nikola brings vast experience from his previous work with two world renowned agencies, McCann Erikson and Leo Burnet companies. The firm has been the esteemed recipient of various awards in packaging, product, print and logo design. Designer & Gentleman does not believe that one solution fits all businesses. Therefore, like true gentlemen, we take time to listen to each of our client’s individual needs. By knowing your unique target market we can determine the best approach to capture their attention by speaking their language.

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