Naoki Otake & Sidnei Tada Nakka Restaurant
Nakka Restaurant is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Nakka Restaurant

Nakka is a Japanese restaurant located in the city of São Paulo and aimed at a young audience. São Paulo is home to approximately 600 restaurants that specialize in Japanese cuisine. The competition to stand out is fierce in a market like this. The inspiration for Nakka’s second location was to provide more meeting spaces, such the grand bar, while also offering Zen-like atmosphere, as can be found in the hanging bonsai gardens. Our architecture draws on natural materials, such as wood, stones, vegetation and a great deal of natural light.

Nakka Restaurant
Naoki Otake & Sidnei Tada Nakka
Naoki Otake & Sidnei Tada Restaurant
Naoki Otake & Sidnei Tada design
Naoki Otake & Sidnei Tada design
Naoki Otake & Sidnei Tada

Naoki Otake lived in Japan for 5 years, of which 3 years were spent in a temple. Later, he moved to Tokyo, where he undertook studies on traditional Japanese architecture. After his immersion in a stripped-down monastic lifestyle and in Zen architecture, Naoki developed an architectural language that draws on the simplicity of forms and promotes light and natural materials, with a contemporary approach that represents the dichotomy found in modern Japanese culture.

Naoki Otake & Sidnei Tada

Naoki Otake Arquitetura e Design, established in Brazil, is dedicated to commercial, corporate and residential projects. Throughout his career, the office has won several architecture awards with restaurant and retail projects. With a minimalist line, the office tries to give its designs a contemporary language, with straight lines and a deep Japanese accent.