Springetts Brand Design Nurture Drinks packaging
Nurture Drinks packaging is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
Nurture Drinks packaging

Using the insight that hidden sugar in drinks is seen as the devil as a starting point, a proposition around creating a ‘drink that cares’ was the initial thinking behind the brand's redesign. The image of a mother elephant protecting her calf became a powerful emotive metaphor for the brand and how it cares about children – this character was given the name ‘Firsty’. By making the trunk transform into the straw a fun feel was added to the pack. The overall watercolour illustrative style reinforced the natural goodness to the brand.

Nurture Drinks packaging
Springetts Brand Design Nurture
Springetts Brand Design Drinks packaging
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Springetts Brand Design design
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With three children of our own, we know how challenging it is for busy on-the-go families to stay hydrated and healthy. That’s why we created Nurture Fruity Water+ in a handy mess-free pouch! Just fruit juice, water and added goodness to support children’s immunity from the age of one-year-old.