Springetts Brand Design Gü Puds Dessert packaging
Gü Puds Dessert packaging is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
Gü Puds Dessert packaging

The project was to redesign the range's packaging to reflect the indulgent, high-quality nature of the desserts. The final designs provide visual sensorial triggers to help subconsciously awaken the anticipation of each dessert experience. Each pack's creative ignition point starts at the word Gü and bursts outwards to create each unique flavour sensation. The design shows visual explosions of pleasure that create a distinct and unique language for the Gü brand and engage with consumers by offering something more than conventional food photography.

Gü Puds Dessert packaging
Springetts Brand Design Gü Puds
Springetts Brand Design Dessert packaging
Springetts Brand Design design
Springetts Brand Design design
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Gü Puds

Ever since we first sneaked Gü onto the shelves of a local supermarket, we’ve been pouring our hearts into making these victories more widespread; from a little-known secret to a global taste phenomenon on the tongues of millions. Today, from our London HQ to the sunny shores of Australia, we’re taking the world by storm. Food fanatics everywhere have entered a new dimension of deliciousness.