Olga Szymanska Hus Coffee table
Hus Coffee table is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Design Award Category.
Hus Coffee table

Hus is a small table that can also serve as a storage space or as a miniature house for children to play and learn the rudiments of arranging space. Many traditional dollhouses do not allow children to exercise their imagination and spatial planning, which is reflected also in adulthood. Hus familiarizes children with the principles of architecture and attentively designed interiors and lets them explore materials used in construction, like wood, concrete and clear panels. It is a piece of furniture which connects different generations by allowing them to spend quality time together.

Hus Coffee table
Olga Szymanska Hus
Olga Szymanska Coffee table
Olga Szymanska design
Olga Szymanska design
Olga Szymanska

Olga Szymanska is a Polish designer based in Warsaw, with a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She designs various industrial design objects, but her favourite field is furniture design. In her work she likes to use natural materials combined with new technologies and she believes in the "less is more" principle. Each visual design, however aesthetically pleasing, arises from the functionality of the item. She believes that working in design requires continues learning and self-improvement.

Olga Szymanska Design

Olga Szymanska design is a Polish design studio based in Warsaw founded by Olga Szymanska. Her studio designs various industrial design objects like furniture, lamps, ceramics and many more. Its products are designed for mass production as well as for individual orders.